Thursday, October 15, 2015

Battle of the Sippy Cups: Munchkin's Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup vs. Miracle 360 Cup

All I remember from when Holly was a baby is how terrible and leaky sip cups are. You find one that works great and then all of a sudden it starts leaking.

I got several different sippy cups at my baby shower and over the past month, I have written off every single one of them. They were all terrible for beginners. As I do with all baby issues, I took to my Facebook mom group (we've been together since the first weeks of pregnancy) where they spoke highly of these two Munchkin cups: The weighted flex-straw cup and the Miracle 360 cup.

I decided to purchase both cups, let CJ try them both for a few weeks, and let us both come to a decision together.

First Impressions: Best. Idea. Ever. I tried regular straw sippy cups as well as traditional sippy cups, and this seemed to be the solution to our biggest problem - he could lay down or sit up to drink it.

What I Liked: Obviously the fact that the baby can drink from any angle is absolutely incredible. It really does do what it claims. I also really liked how the straw is soft and flexible. I thought it was extremely thoughtful that this cup included a special little straw cleaner. It makes life so much easier (and I actually use it for all of our other straw cups now!). 

What I Didn't Like: It leaks. Although the product claims to be "spill proof", I find that it leaks quite a bit. It seems as though the lid doesn't properly screw on sometimes - No, it's not just me. I've had other people try doing it and it's the same. I've read online that it doesn't leak when the lid is closed over the straw, but this just isn't a practical expectation of babies.

Conclusions: The weighted thing is super cool and a really amazing idea in theory. CJ is still too young to know how to open the lid to access the straw, so it's not overly practical. He does love the straw, but I can't get over the fact that the lid doesn't always fit properly which equates to leaks. Leaks suck.

The Miracle 360 Cup

First Impressions: "Uhm, how does he drink out of that?". I had read so many reviews online, but in the packaging I didn't understand how this cup worked or pieced together. When I took it out, I was astonished.

What I Liked: CJ got the hang of this cup immediately. All a baby has to do is place his or her lips anywhere along the edge and suck to get liquid. He holds it upside down a lot, but it still works. Most importantly, it doesn't leak! In a month of use, it's let out liquid only when CJ is pressing on the top and playing with it. Otherwise, it's been thrown around in my purse and tossed on the ground without leaking. Yay! It's also available in a larger size for when CJ gets a bit older!

What I Didn't Like: I guess the only thing is I wish that, like the weighted cup, he could drink without tipping it. He gets confused on where to drink from since there is no clear sucking point.

Conclusions: This cup is the most innovative baby product I've seen. It's very, very cool. I show it to everyone. I think we'll definitely be keeping this one around and also purchasing the bigger size.

You can click here to purchase this cup. You can also get a larger size here.

Final Thoughts: The Miracle 360 Cup wins! No leaks is the best thing I can ask for. Beyond that, the Miracle cup will help CJ learn how to use a real cup.

Keep in mind that these cups are for beginners. Once CJ gets older and used to drinking liquids other than milk, I plan on switching to our old faithful Playtex cups.

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