Friday, February 5, 2016

Our Wedding: Hunt for the Dress

I was terrified to go wedding dress shopping.

I've been thinking about the dress my entire life, but actually picking one out was extremely intimidating. I knew what I was looking for - cap sleeves, a bit of lace, a cinched waist, and an a-line shape. I thought it would be a struggle finding a plus size gown with everything I wanted, but it turns out that it wasn't.

I visited 3 dress shops. At the first shop, I tried on close to 10 dresses with no luck. I was getting a feel for what I liked and didn't like, but nothing stood out to me.

At the second shop, I tried on another 10 dresses, but this time we were headed down the right path. I was having mediocre success with the first six dresses, but something clicked when I tried on the seventh dress. It was exactly what I was looking for and fit me like a glove. The salesperson insisted that it must be fate – they had just gotten the dress that morning, I was the first to try it on, and it was in my exact size.

I was in love with this dress but had a hard time coming to terms with the price, which was about $500 more than I was looking to spend. I decided to continue trying on dresses, but the last 3 just couldn’t live up to that dress.

I was terrified of spending so much on a dress, so I tried my hardest to keep an open mind and check out one more store. I went to David's Bridal and tried on at least 15 more dresses. I found two dresses that I liked, but they didn’t give me the feeling I was looking for – the feeling that the other dress had given me. I left David’s Bridal empty handed and headed home.

Over the next month I contemplated whether or not to spend the money and buy the dress. My maid of honour repeatedly told me that the energy I gave off in that dress was completely different than in any other dress, so I decided to go for it. In an effort to save money, I called every dress shop in our city and found a shop that would order me the same dress for hundreds of dollars cheaper. I was sold.

A week later, I ordered the dress and I don't regret it one bit. I feel 100% certain that it's my dress and I can't wait to wear it while I marry my best friend.

Because I can't show you the dress, I've added some photos of other dresses that I tried on during my dress journey - some I liked, some I hated, but they all lead me down the road to finding my perfect wedding dress.

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