Thursday, February 18, 2016

Today is the Day - My 2016 Planner

I know, I know - this post is pretty late. I kept meaning to write it and forgetting, but here it is!

This past October, I went back to work and immediately felt overwhelmed. Although I only work three days a week, Chris and I always have a lot going on. Between work, kids, pets, our home, activities, and all the things that come along with those, I need a solid scheduled system to be able to function.

One of the many ways I like stay organized is my planner. I use my planner for everyyyything. Last year, I had one that I didn't like, so this year I was on a mission to find one that I loved..and I found it!

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One day, I was browsing the Chapters-Indigo website when I came across this beautiful planner. It was exactly what I was looking for:

- It's a binder type planner, where I can add/remove pages as I please
- The layout is amazing. There's a monthly section as well as a weekly section, and the weekly section opens to days of the week on one side and a notes section on the other. Perfect for my weekly to-do lists
-There's a pocket for loose papers as well as a pen holder
- It's pink! With gold accents! What else could I ask for?

As I was checking out, I threw these super cute magnetic bookmarks in to my cart. I'm crazy happy that I did, because they're extremely useful in this planner. They're not overly heavy, but they stay in place really well. Not to mention the watercolour and motivational quotes.

So basically, I'm in love with my new planner and accessories. It's full of colour coded plans (I use these pens) and lists, and that's the way I like it.


P.S. I noticed that this exact planner is out of stock online, but this almost identical planner in purple is still available. 

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