Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Holiday 2016 Gift List

For the first time ever, I've made an executive decision to do most of my Christmas shopping online - mostly because I'm not brave enough to face the mall during the holiday season.

I've been keeping an Amazon wishlist for months and I thought I would share some of my favourite finds.

This amazing rainbow-sequin dress is only $23 and goes up to a girls size 14. Such a great deal for a unique and fun party dress.

My little guy is currently obsessed with colouring, but I know better than to leave him alone with markers or paint. This colour wonder set is at the very top of my list for him.

Chris recently got a Fitbit Alta, and it's so much cooler than my Flex. Beyond being sleek and functional, there are a ton of options for bands, including silver and stainless watch-type bands that make it look less like a fitness tracker. I'm loving this one.
As obsessed as I am with Lush bathbombs, they are extremely expensive. For only $25, you can snag this set of 6. The Amazon reviews are fantastic and I'm actually considering purchasing it for myself.

 I saw this BeautyBlender gift set on the Sephora website and fell in love. Not only is the colour adorable, the price is right.

I've been hearing the craziest things about this pot, and I really want one. $125 seems like a lot, but it might be worth it according to the reviews.

I have considered the Tile key finder for 2 Christmases now, and I keep coming back to it. This is a practical gift for anyone (ahem, my husband) who constantly loses things.

Earlier this year, I found this planner set at Michaels and its' been growing on me ever since. There are tons of different inserts (also available on Amazon) to fully customize it, which I adore. I'm 99% sure that this will end up being my 2017 planner.

We have two android boxes in our home, and we use them daily. Kiosks in the mall charge upwards of $100 for these, but you can buy an identical version here on Amazon for under $60 with shipping. About 4 months ago, this exact listing went on sale for $29.99, so keep your eyes peeled.

Our girls have been talking about these blankets for over a year now, and elsewhere they are quite expensive. The reviews for this particular listing includes photos, and it looks like a great bargain.

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