Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Hostess Hacks

Playing hostess does not come natural to me. 

I love the idea of being a legendary hostess, but can never pull it off. This year, my husband volunteered us to host Christmas dinner and I am absolutely stressed. Although I enjoy decorating, cooking, and socializing, I don't enjoy being responsible for everyone's good time. Our house isn't small, but I tend to get overwhelmed very easily when we have more than a few guests.

With that in mind, I've tried to come up with some tips to keep me cool, calm, and collected as well as organized and prepared for our party.

Tip #1: Keep the kids occupied - Board games are my favourite, but this year I plan on having a gingerbread house building station set up at the kids table.

Tip #2: Shop for food and drinks well in advance - Stores get crazy the week of Christmas, which just adds to the holiday stress. By the time this post is up, you should be done shopping!

Tip #3: Make it a potluck! - When everyone helps, it's easier to relax. As a bonus, you'll also get a nice variety of food.

Tip #4: Pick out games and music - We love to put on the "fireplace" channel with Christmas music and play card games or dice. We also have a ping-pong table that tends to keep adults entertained.

Tip #5: Plan a secret Santa or gift exchange - This guarantees some laughs. Set a limit (this year ours is $25) and have fun with it.

Tip #6: Don't go overboard - I really don't think that everyone needs an elaborate gift or individual place cards. Keep it light and fun. I like a simple Christmas tablecloth paired with some fun serving dishes and our usual Christmas decor.


Do you have any holiday hacks that get you through this crazy time of year?
Connect with me on social media and let me know.

Merry Christmas!

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