Tuesday, January 3, 2017


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2016 was a whirlwind year for our family - Chris got a new job, I entered into a new position, we bought a minivan, we had wedding events, and we finally got married!

The beginning of 2016 was hard for me. I was going through a bout of depression when I started back to work after maternity leave late 2015. In March of 2016, Chris left my current workplace (yes, we used to work together) for a better opportunity and it was rough. With a wedding on the horizon, life felt more hectic than ever.

 As Winter ended, things began to improve. The stress of our kids getting sick faded, significant changes in both Chris and I's careers occurred, and we began to plan our wedding events. We were faced with some challenges, but when I look back it was still one of the most fulfilling years of my life. We had a wonderful summer as a family, in July we had our Stag and Doe, in August we had our Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, and we ended the year on a high note when in October, we finally got married. 

2016 taught me 3 very clear life lessons. The first being that things aren't always fair or as they "should" be. Sometimes you just have to take the negative and make it into a positive, and I've been learning to do that. Second, I have learned that taking chances is necessary for progression. I'm really more of a "play it safe" type of person and Chris has helped me to realize that taking risks can help me to eliminate the "what if?" part of life, regardless of the outcome. Last but not least, I learned that as time goes on, it gets easier to spot those who really care about you. This year, with such a significant life event occurring for us, it became crystal clear to Chris and I who matters most in our lives.

This coming year will be all about enjoying the unplanned and going with the flow.

With that, here are some things I'm looking forward to in 2017:

1. Having no major events for the first time in years
2. Going on our honeymoon!
3. Making huge financial progress
4. More home improvements - we have a big bedroom switch planned!
5. Investing more time into my hobbies

And here are my official resolutions:

1. Continue saving money - We did an awesome job in 2016 and I have high hopes for 2017
2. Minimize the amount of "stuff" we own - This one is going to be tough for me
3. Learn calligraphy - A personal bucket list item


Wishing everyone a great 2017!

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