Monday, January 23, 2017

Gold Polka Dots - My 2017 Planner

First of all, I would like to start this post by stating that I really need a new camera. I'm finding that my photo quality is horrible and I need some camera recommendations! Please message me on any social media and let me know what you're favourite camera is. 😊

Anyways...because it's January, I have to share my new 2017 planner.

I really struggled to find a planner that I liked this year. I really, really didn't want a spiral bound planner. Actually, I wanted one almost identical to my 2016 planner. I searched all through December and came up empty handed. I even considered printing new pages for last years binder, but I ran out of time.

I came across this planner at Michaels for 50% off ($20!). The gold polka dots caught my eye immediately, mostly because they match the Kate Spade coffee mug I bring to work everyday. I wasn't in love, but it was the last week in December and I decided to settle.

 Recollections had several options for planner types - vertical layout, horizontal layout, goal based, fitness based, etc. I can't stand vertical layouts, so I chose to go with the creative year in a horizontal layout.

I didn't love it at first, but it's really growing on me for these reasons:
  • The weekly layout is clean, uncrowded, and printed in pretty pastel colours
  • At the very back, there is a folder for loose papers as well as a sealed plastic pouch (perfect for pens)
  • Not only are there daily goals and notes, there are designated spots for weekly goals and notes
  • The tabs along the side are extremely strong and well designed
  • My favourite part? All the amazing stickers that come with it! There are more than enough for the year

Happy planning!

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