Friday, April 28, 2017

Amazon Find: Glitter Iphone Case

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I found this glitter iphone case on and needed to have it. The photo online made it look so pink and sparkly, and for such a great price I couldn't resist.

Image Via
What I Liked: First, this phone case is only $8 CAD and shipping is free. The case is "jelly", so it's soft and bendable, not hard. Beyond that, it's extremely pink and glittery, just like the photo. This case also comes in 6 colours (blue, green, purple, pink, gold, and silver)! A great deal all around.

What I Didn't Like: If there is one thing I don't like about this case, it's that essentially the case is a pink jelly cover with a silver glitter cardboard underlay. You can remove the glitter layer at any time, so I can see it getting ruined in certain situations.

Final Thoughts: I've received more compliments on this phone case than you could imagine. The glitter looks incredible in person, and it's definitely worth the $8. I'm already considering purchasing the case in another colour!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Currently... April 2017

Watching: Black Mirror (so crazy, I highly recommend it!), Shameless, and wayyy too much Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors playoff games.

Eating: Easter chocolate, both before and after Easter. Oops.

Doing: Jumping on our new trampoline, starting to garden, and working on small home improvement projects. For some reason I feel extremely productive lately.

Thinking: About how much I hate summer. The warmer weather is a reminder that it will be scorching hot soon. I absolutely hate the summer time. Fall forever!

Planning: A fun weekend for my step-daughter's 9th birthday. Side note, I can't believe shes already 9. Where does the time go?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our Wedding: The Venue

For years, I had wanted our wedding at a hotel overlooking the Detroit river (the place Chris asked me to be his girlfriend and also proposed to me). Of course I had to be responsible and make sure we explored all options, so we received quotes from over 20 venues near us.

Right away, it became overwhelmingly obvious that we were in trouble. My first choice locations were wayyyyy over budget. I'm talking over budget in base fee alone. Of course, that's not including drinks, bar fees, and all of the other crazy fees. Did you know that there is a fee to play music in a hall in Canada? or a cake cutting fee? I didn't.

Those who know me know that I'm the last person in the world to ever consider a tent wedding, or even a barn wedding. I wasn't willing to sacrifice the formal feeling, and I was heartbroken.

Trying to shed some of my stubbornness, we began looking outside of the city. After looking at a few places, we decided to call a hall about 5 blocks from our home. We met with the coordinater to discover that this little club was actually more beautiful than most of the huge venues in the city, for half the price. I'm really glad that we explored our options, because this venue ended up being the perfect fit.

Take a look at some photos of the hall, entrance, and bar below:

Basically, moral of the story is don't rule anything out. Be diligent and don't overspend just because you don't think you can find what you want. Explore many options. Dont give up.

The truth is that if we would have chosen the venue that I was set on, we would have been way over our heads in terms of debt. I don't regret the decision at all, because in the end...this is all for just one day.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Last Minute Easter Gifts (That will actually arrive by Easter!)

For Easter this year, I decided that we weren't spending tons of money on chocolates that would be gone in 2 days. Instead, we took the leap and bought the kids a trampoline!

I looked everywhere for a trampoline under $300 and ended up settling on this one, which is sold at both Walmart and Amazon. Initially, I decided to purchase through Walmart to collect the rewards on my Mastercard... that was until I realized they were going to charge me an additional $50 for shipping. Since when does charge for shipping on orders over $50?

Seeing the additional charge completely changed my mind, so we purchased through Amazon, and guess what? Shipping was free and it arrived to my front door in 2 days.

Basically, this got me thinking about how quickly Amazon Prime items arrive, and how there are probably so many busy parents (like me most years), who have yet to worry about Easter.

Check out my list of easy Easter gifts that are Prime eligible and can be here just in time for the weekend!

This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

1. A giant bag of chocolate is a win for anyone - $13.59

2. If you have no time, a premade basket might be a good option for you - $48.50

3. This adorable bunny is actually cotton ball storage for the bathroom - $16.98

4. A chic copper ring-holder is an unexpectedly cool gift - $10

5. Shopkins are always a safe bet in our house - $14.95

6. If you need several small gifts, these Skittles eggs come in a pack of 12 - $15

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Empties 1

Review Key: Horrible, Not Good, Just OK, Good, Great, Amazing

1. Maybelline FitMe Matte + Poreless Powder in 110: Amazing | The FitMe product line is one of my favourites, and this powder is fantastic. It has great staying power, is matte, and sells for a great price. My only complaint is that the lightest shade in the Matte + Poreless collection is still too dark for me. I prefer the Set + Smooth collection.

2. Maybelline FitMe Set + Smooth Powder in 115: Amazing | This is my current favourite powder. The 115 in the Set + Smooth line is actually lighter than the 110 in the Matte + Poreless line (so confusing). The price is great, it seems to hold me makeup in place all day, and it doesn't make my skin look dry. I use it every single day.

3. Ralph Love by Ralph Lauren fragrance sample: Good | The scent is lovely - sweet, feminine, and contains hints of cotton candy. My only problem is that it smells similar to several other fragrances I've tried, so there was nothing telling me I needed the full size version.

4 & 5. Bath & Body Works RoomSpray in Fresh Linen and Caribbean Escape (not currently available online): Just OK | The packaging is chic. Both scents are very strong and work well to cover any nasty smells, but these room sprays are far too expensive for me. Companies such as Glade and Febreeze make similar products for a quarter of the price.

6. Bath & Body Works Cozy Vanilla Cream Gentle Foaming Hand SoapAmazing | BBW foaming hand soap is a staple around our home, but this scent is probably my favourite during winter. You can smell it on your hand hours after washing.

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