Monday, April 10, 2017

Last Minute Easter Gifts (That will actually arrive by Easter!)

For Easter this year, I decided that we weren't spending tons of money on chocolates that would be gone in 2 days. Instead, we took the leap and bought the kids a trampoline!

I looked everywhere for a trampoline under $300 and ended up settling on this one, which is sold at both Walmart and Amazon. Initially, I decided to purchase through Walmart to collect the rewards on my Mastercard... that was until I realized they were going to charge me an additional $50 for shipping. Since when does charge for shipping on orders over $50?

Seeing the additional charge completely changed my mind, so we purchased through Amazon, and guess what? Shipping was free and it arrived to my front door in 2 days.

Basically, this got me thinking about how quickly Amazon Prime items arrive, and how there are probably so many busy parents (like me most years), who have yet to worry about Easter.

Check out my list of easy Easter gifts that are Prime eligible and can be here just in time for the weekend!

This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

1. A giant bag of chocolate is a win for anyone - $13.59

2. If you have no time, a premade basket might be a good option for you - $48.50

3. This adorable bunny is actually cotton ball storage for the bathroom - $16.98

4. A chic copper ring-holder is an unexpectedly cool gift - $10

5. Shopkins are always a safe bet in our house - $14.95

6. If you need several small gifts, these Skittles eggs come in a pack of 12 - $15

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