Thursday, October 26, 2017

On One Year Of Marriage

On October 15th, Chris and I celebrated one year of marriage.

I seriously can't believe it's been a year, but it has, and it's blowing my mind. Before we got married, I had this idea in my head that after our wedding was over we would have nothing to look forward to and time would drag by. Boy was I wrong.

It turns out this past year has been the exact opposite. The year has flown by and I actually find myself much happier. Not planning a wedding or stressing about any huge upcoming event has allowed us to focus more on the kids, time together, and our hobbies. It's amazing.

On the relationship side of things, nothing has really changed. Yes, we've had fights, but our relationship dynamic is exactly the same. Keep in mind that we already lived together and had kids before marriage.

So what did we do for our first anniversary? In typical Chris and Kerri fashion, we gave each other silly gifts (see my Instagram), had a yummy dinner, and watched movies with the kids. We ended the night by each taking one bite of our frozen-for-one-year wedding cake (it wasn't good).

In conclusion, I'm happy to say that we made it through one whole year as husband and wife. Here's to many more!

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