Thursday, November 30, 2017

Do You Send Christmas Cards?

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Beautiful invitations, cards, and other stationary are my absolute weakness. With all the technology based methods of contacting loved ones in our current world, a mailed card is a welcomed surprise. There is nothing I love more than receiving a colourful Christmas card and being able to put it on display.

Just recently, it's come to my attention that many people my age (I'm currently 27) don't send Holiday cards.

I get it - there is a high probability that you'll spend money on the cards, spend money on the postage, and your beautiful card will sit on a shelf for about a month before it ultimately ends up in the trash. But there is also the chance that your card will bring someone a smile, remind a distant family member that you're thinking of them, or add to a beautiful Christmas card display.

This year, I'm taking a break simply because last year we sent save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and thank-you cards. Next year I'll be back on track! But, I want to know...

Do you send Christmas cards?

The above pictured Christmas card from 2015 is my absolute favourite. I took the photo myself and made/printed the cards through Vistaprint. Vistaprint is super easy to use and they have fantastic deals on Cards.

If you're willing to spend a little more money, I highly suggest Shutterfly or Basic Invite. Although these sites typical cost a little more than Vistaprint, they have amazing sales this time of year.

If you're more into purchasing premade cards, Indigo carries beautiful and unique options. Amazon also has hundreds of options for Christmas cards of all types.

Even if you don't send cards, please don't throw the ones you receive away. Display them for Christmas! There are so many cute options for cards displays. Even if you're not creative, Amazon has a million holders.


In the end, I really do think sending Christmas cards is a lost art. I think it's a holiday tradition that shouldn't be forgotten... and I would love to get some cards this year!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Third Birthday Construction Site Cake

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Birthday shirt via Old Navy (Boy version no longer available. Girl version here) | Sea Patrol Rubble via Amazon
As of November 15th, we have a three year old! The past three years watching CJ grow have seemingly flown by, especially in comparison to watching his sisters grow up. Of course, our lives are so different now than when we first had kids, but the past 3 years have been an absolute whirlwind of baby, first home, wedding, and many other things.

CJ is our last baby and our only boy - I can't wait to see where life takes him. 

He is obsessed with "trucks". He goes through phases of which type is his favourite (monster trucks, tow trucks, semi trucks, etc.) but the most consistent is any type of construction equipment. For his birthday this year, I knew I had to make a construction site cake inspired by one I made for a client years ago.

This cake, in it's original post here, was huge and had tons of cute details. It's probably one of my favourite cakes, mostly because it was so simple to make.

For CJ's third birthday, we needed something on a much smaller scale for a lot less people. Here's what I came up with:

To make a construction cake similar to these, you'll need the following:

- Cake - If you choose to use boxed cake, this brand is my favourite
- Chocolate frosting - I use this recipe to make my own. I don't recommend using store-bought as it doesn't seem to hold details well.
- Construction tape (Optional)

After you've assembled and frosted your cake, you can very quickly decorate. Here's what I did:

1. Cover the the cake board in construction tape. This simply adds another level of detail. For the smaller cake, I didn't think it was necessary.
2. Decide where the trucks will go. Will they be lifting? Dumping?
3. Place cookie crumbs. I sprinkled crumbs all around the base of the cake as well as in random piles.
4. Place the trucks. I love when a truck is tearing into the side of a cake (pictured above in the larger cake).
5. Place the rocks. I added some around the base of the cake as well as in the buckets of the trucks.
6. Add details. Pipe a message and add optional extra details.
7. Serve!

Decorating this cake only took 10 minutes, and he absolutely loved it.

I can't wait to see what type of cake he wants next year! Until then, I'll watch him grow. ❤

Monday, November 27, 2017

My Favourite Canadian Cyber Monday Deals

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I'm not going to lie, I spent way too much money this past weekend - the deals were just too good to pass up. But, I'm 90% done my Christmas shopping! Since I missed out on sharing my Black Friday favourites, I figured I would do it for Cyber Monday.

Here are some of my favourite Canadian Cyber Monday deals:

Toronto Raptors 2017-2018 Nike Jerseys

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Expert Gift Giving with The Body Shop #TBSGiftingHacks

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Growing up, my dad always had a hard time buying gifts for my mom. Looking back, it's actually quite hilarious. He would head to the store and buy her the same thing every year. Of course, there were variations, but I distinctly remember a robe, a box of seashell chocolates, and some razors for her stocking... every. single. year. He meant well, he really did, but let's be honest - his gifts sucked.

This past weekend, I visited my parents and during dinner we cracked jokes about the "dreaded robe". My dad ranted that for the last 30 years he's been buying robes. We died laughing, but the truth is that there are so many men who have this problem. But maybe I can help!

I was beyond excited to be invited to the The Body Shop to check out their Holiday collection, and when I arrived I was blown away.  I had such a great experience at this store and found so many options for all types of women (and men!) at all different price points. Check out my favourite finds below.

The Trendy Gift

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the hottest trend this holiday season is advent calendars. I know what you're thinking - an advent calendar as a Christmas gift? Won't it be too late? I say definitely not. 

First of all, beauty advent calendars are just as good in January as they are in December. The Body Shop has advent calendars at multiple price points filled with all kids of goodies ranging from skin care to makeup and accessories.

I was lucky enough to snag the 25 Days of Game Changing Advent-Ures Advent Calendar, and I can't wait to start opening the boxes. I'll be opening this advent calendar on my Instagram story every single day starting December 1st, so head over to my Instagram page and follow me!

Image via The Body Shop

The Classic Gift

One thing from The Body Shop that any women would appreciate is an Ultimate Gift Set. These sets are amazing - not only are they filled with Body Shop bath and skin care staples, the hat box packaging is gorgeous.

I took home a Strawberry Ultimate Gift Set and fell in love. I've been layering the products for a long lasting scent and my skin feels amazing. I would love to receive one of these sets under the tree!

Image via The Body Shop

The Playful Gift

When I visited The Body Shop, my absolute favourite thing about their holiday collection was the playful spin on all of the packaging. I'm not joking when I tell you that each product comes in packaging that contains some type of fun, be it a puzzle, a game, a keepsake, or a cute theme.

My fantastic Body Shop tour guide Julianne gave me the run down on how special this packaging really is. Not only do these fun gifts bring joy to anyone who receives them, each product purchased helps benefit The Body Shop's chosen cause Play 4 Peace.

By keeping the fun games on the packaging of these amazing holiday gifts, you'll not only be upcycling and helping the planet, you'll be supporting International Alert's Peace Play Project in helping Syrian refugee children heal. Click here to read more about the cause and shop.

I took home the cutest Robot Money Box for my girls, and I can't wait for them to realize this gift is not only an awesome piggy bank, but is filled with goodies for a good cause.

Image via The Body Shop

The Stocking Suffer

If you're going to purchase anything from The Body Shop, get a body butter! They're incredibly rich, come in basically a million scents, and moisturize extremely well. Body butters make great stocking stuffers at a lower price point.

I went home with Frosted Berries Body Butter and can't stop smelling it. It's almost like candy.

Did you know that The Body Shop invented body butter!? Well, now you do.

Image via The Body Shop
The Body Shop is seriously the perfect place to start shopping for the woman (or man) in your life. There are so many options at so many price points that you just can't go wrong. The Body Shop is also fully vegetarian and cruelty free.

 I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to The Body Shop to meet Julianne, Amanda, and Rachel and take a look at the holiday collection.  If you have a chance to pop in to The Body Shop in Devonshire Mall (Windsor, Ontario), do it! I learned so much from Julie and fell in love with the store.

Thank you very much to The Body Shop and Talented Talkers for this opportunity.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for my advent calendar unboxing!
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