Thursday, November 9, 2017

My First Experience with Mink Eyelashes: Esqido Mink Lashes Review

This post contains a press sample, but all opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure statement here.

Although I love makeup and other beauty products, I've never taken the plunge and purchased a good pair of false lashes.

I remember getting fake lashes in beauty kits when I was a teenager, but the experience was less than great. I would attempt to apply them, make a huge mess, and immediately peel them off. After that, I made a few attempts with dollar store lashes for Halloween, but those didn't go well either.

For some reason, the idea of trying higher quality lashes never really occurred to me. I always thought false lashes were more for special events or for women who did full makeup on the daily - aka not me. When Esqido contacted me about trying out some of their mink lashes, I jumped on the opportunity.

I was lucky enough to try out two styles of lashes:

1. Unforgettable - These lashes have a volume rating of 2/5 and are 5-10mm long. I chose this style for a day-to-day, subtle, and natural look.

2. Lashlorette - These lashes have a volume rating of 3/5 and are 9-12mm long. I chose this style for more of an intense "going out" look.

I also received Esqido's Companion Eyelash Glue.

Check out my review of Esqido mink lashes below

Unforgettable Esqido Mink Lashes

Lashlorette Esqido Mink Lashes

Left: Unforgettable | Right: Lashlorette

What I Liked: Because there are so many amazing features, I'll go ahead and break them down:
- The rose gold and white packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I was in love at first sight. The boxes are incredibly well made and will continue to hold the lashes between wears.
- These lashes last for up to 25 wears! That's insane to me!
- The band is handcrafted cotton and very flexible.
- It's very easy to trim these lashes to your desired length.
- The glue bottle is very well designed. The applicator is perfect and doesn't create a mess.
- The glue formula is amazing. It made applying these lashes extremely easy.
- These lashes come with a 60 day money back guarantee.
- The price is great, especially when considering how many times you can wear them.

What I Didn't Like: The only thing I didn't like about these lashes is how thick the band is. I understand that this isn't a huge deal and probably makes the lashes more durable, but I definitely couldn't wear them without thick eyeliner. Not a deal breaker.

Final Thoughts: These lashes were a huge surprise to me. Mostly due to the glue, the application was much easier than I expected. The lashes were comfortable to wear and didn't have an overly "fake" look to them. I couldn't stop taking selfies.

I must point out that the Esqido website really blew me away. The descriptions of every lash style are very detailed, they offer a Lash Guide to help you choose what's right for you, as well as videos, reviews, etc.

Take a look at how these lashes looked on me below:

Top: My natural lashes with one coat of mascara | Middle: Unforgettable | Bottom: Lashlorette

Left: My natural lashes with one coat of mascara | Middle: Unforgettable | Right: Lashlorette
I honestly feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me! I love the way the more intense Lashlorette lashes make my eyes look. I wore them around the house for hours just for the fun of it. 

In the end, these lashes were a huge and amazing surprise to me. If you're looking for a high quality product at a great price point, I would check these out!

What do you think of false lashes? 

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