Thursday, January 4, 2018

Pastel Unicorn - My 2018 Planner

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Each and every year, I head on a journey to find the perfect planner. If you're a planner addict like me, you know that there are an overwhelming amount of options for style, layout, cover, and accessories which can make it hard to decide because once you buy, you're committing for a whole year.

Last year, I found a planner that I absolutely fell in love with (see my 2017 planner post here) so naturally, I went and purchased the same style for 2018.

Although this planner is available on Amazon, I purchased it at Michaels for $17.99 CAD (on sale). At the regular price of $39.99 CAD, there was no way I could pass it up.  Note, the holographic planner cover is sold seperately.

Here's why I love this planner:

1. The fun and colourful design - You can't see it in the photos, but there are touches of holographic silver in the unicorn's hair. The pastel colours and choice of fonts totally got me.
2. The horizontal layout - I know a lot of people strongly prefer vertical layouts, but I can't stand them. I find it easier to visualize my week looking at a horizontal layout.
3. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals/notes - I write lists upon lists upon lists in my planner, so having space to make notes is a must for me. In the photo below, you can see just how many notes/goals areas there are in the weekly layout.
4. Strong tabs and a hard plastic cover - Last year, my planner held up the entire year so I have no question this one will too.
5. Fun designs, quotes, stickers, and accents - In the photos below, you can see some of these. Not pictured is a folder for loose papers and a plastic zippered pouch (perfect for pens).

I also happened to find this amazing matching accessory kit which includes a zippered planner cover, a page marker, stickers, a magnetic bookmark, and a keychain.

I fell in love with the holographic cover, but when I opened the kit I realized it just wasn't for me. The zippered cover ends up making the planner significantly bigger and bulkier without adding any real storage or features. I also found that the planner didn't fit as well as I had hoped as the edges seemed to catch when zipping. Because the planner itself comes with stickers and I didn't love the cover, I ended up returning it.

In the end, I'm excited that I found such a girly and fun planner for 2018. Having a cute planner makes me want to stay organized in some weird way. If you don't have your 2018 planner yet, you can purchase the Recollections Creative Year 2018 Unicorn Planner here or from Michaels

If you're a fellow planner addict, tell me which planner you picked up for 2018 in the comments! Happy planning!

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